The Storm

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This is a photo I received in a text from my neighbor of my roof during the storm last month that affected much of Grimes and the surrounding areas.  I was just a little more than shocked to get this photo, considering my house is less then five years old.

I was even more shocked when I returned home to see our house was the ONLY one with roof damage in our development.  Upon further inspection we discovered much of the roof was installed incorrectly.  Items where installed backwards, they used the incorrect length nails (too short), and used fewer than the standard amount of nails per square foot.

Thank goodness for insurance and for knowing better qualified sub-contractors than our builder!  We contacted Joe Burkhart from JB Roofing the morning after the storm and he came over an hour later to assess the damage and get me an estimate.  He confirmed the issues with the existing roof and added tarps to the damaged areas until the inspector could come.

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The inspector confirmed everything that Joe had mentioned.  So once we got all that settled we contacted Joe to get a start date.  The next challenge was to decide on a shingle color.  I narrowed them down to three and let our designer Jordin select the final color (Teak) and we were set!

His team was prompt and were not scared off by the pitch of our very steep roof!  They completed the project in two days.  Joe came back to do a walk through and noticed a few debris pieces that needed to be cleaned up in the yard that he personally took care of.  He also surprised us with a refund check of $300.00.  He was able to save some of the existing material that saved us money!

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We couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product and the level of customer service we received.  We feel very blessed that the damage was minimal and that we have an amazing team to work with.  Have a wonderful week!

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