2021 Home Show Expo: Design Trends

Summer is here and so is the 2021 Des Moines Home Show Expo! The home show is an amazing opportunity to discover what’s new in home design, technology, and building trades. Local builders are able to showcase their craftsmanship and new trends in home building. Visiting the home show expo is a great way to gain design inspiration, meet local builders, or to just a fun date night to tour some beautiful homes! This years expo is located in the Agrihood community of Great Western Crossing in Cumming, Iowa. You can purchase tickets for the 2021 Home Show Expo here.

Over the past decade, we have participated in our fair share of home shows, but this year, we are spectators just like you! We are taking this unique opportunity to talk about our hopes for the homes this year. 2021 design trends feature bold colors, visual and textural accents, and more playful and exclusive design. We have always valued rising trends and have been including them in our designs for years! Check out our design portfolio on our website to see some of our projects. We are currently offering 30 minute complimentary design consultations to help kickstart your project! You can book your appointment here

A specific design trend we are hoping to see this year is bold accent features! Customizing a home to have special wall or ceiling accents is a great way to add visual interest to otherwise overlooked areas. We have used this design idea in many projects including our 2017 and 2019 show home designs. Have you ever thought about using paint on the ceiling to make a statement? This can be a bold design choice that adds visual interest to any space. The image on the left is from our 2017 Show Home. We chose a bold paint color for an accent wall, but also carried it up to the ceiling. The image on the right, from our 2019 Show Home office, is another great example of a bold accent feature that makes a statement. 

Besides paint, there are many other materials that can be used to make eye-catching bold accents. In the past we have used unique wood designs, custom wall upholstery, and even 3D wall tiles to enhance our spaces. There are so many ways to create visual interest in homes and we are so excited to see what amazing features the 2021 Show Home will have!

Mixed metals are a huge trend in 2021 home design and it’s one that we surely hope to see when walking through the houses of the Home Show Expo. Mixing metal finishes is an easy way to give any design a playful touch because committing to one finish can be very limiting. One brand we love, Emtek, is creating customizable door handles and cabinet pulls with various mixed metal options. We hope to see products like these making an appearance in this years design expo. 

Another design trend we are hoping to see featured in this years Expo is masculine home design! In present times, home builders are beginning to be more daring with color and material choices, as well as featuring dark, natural elements. Wood-toned cabinets and darker accent colors are coming back big time! In the 2019 show home, we included touches of masculine design that helped us make a bold statement. We used a mix of wood tones and grey accents to develop a moody but playful design. This master bathroom is a great example of what to be looking for at the homes.

Lastly, we are hoping to see the builders at the 2021 Home Show Expo use is a modern take on farmhouse design. The farmhouse design style has become quite popular over the last few years and has certainly made its appearance in past home expos. With this years Expo being located in an Agrihood working farm community, it is without a doubt we will see aspects of farmhouse design implemented often. We are excited to see how this years builders will integrate this style while acknowledging the wave of the mid-century modern style that is taking the design world by storm. 

We hope you get the chance to venture out to the 2021 Home Show Expo to see what is new this year! If you want more information on our residential design services, visit our website here. If you have a topic you would like us to cover in a future blog, please reach out to us via email office@elizabetherindesigns.com and let us know what it is! Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all the latest tips.

We are blessed to employee some of the best up and coming interior designers in training!  This blog was written by Ashtyn Chance, Sr. at UNI Interior Design Program and edited by Jodi Peterman.  Fantastic job Ashtyn!