Luxury Vacant vs Luxury Verbal vs Luxury Virtual – What do they all mean?

You see us posting all the time on our social handles about our Luxury Home Staging services, but we wanted to stop and take a minute to explain in detail what each service entails. By working with clients day in and day out, we designers can sometimes get caught up in the loop and forget that not everyone always knows what we mean when we use these different terms. Let’s break it down!

Luxury Vacant – When you think of home staging, what do you typically imagine? My guess is that you visualize a designer home like you see in magazines and on tv. You think of this picture perfect house that is nothing similar to the way you live in your home. While this idea is mostly correct, that is not the entire story. Our Luxury Vacant Home Staging service utilizes our personal staging inventory, sourced from our numerous Interior Design vendors. This is our version of the most common home staging service out there, vacant stagings. This is an all-inclusive service, meaning we take care of all the heavy lifting. All we need from the homeowner is a way to have access into the property. Our team will work with movers, create a design using our inventory, pull all necessary items, coordinate everyone on stage date, implement your personalized luxury staging, and even lock up behind us when we are done. Once the home has sold, simply contact us to let us know it’s time to remove our items. We will handle everything the same way we did when we brought the items in. To learn more about the beneficial investment in this service, you can visit the Luxury Vacant Home Staging page on our website here

Best Application –

This is our first recommendation for any listing that is unoccupied. It best showcases the features of the home for both marketing and listing to potential buyers. 

Luxury Verbal – While our Luxury Vacant service is for unoccupied properties, our Luxury Verbal Staging service is for properties that are occupied. Simply put, this just means that someone is living in the house while it is on the market. This 2-3 hour consultation is a hands-on walk-through with one of our designers. We provide verbal recommendations on updates, as well as what to remove, what to move, and where it should be moved to in both our standard consultation, as well as our consultation with selection assistance. We suggest the owner be prepared to take notes and ready to implement changes to best present the space. Our consultation with selection assistance is an expanded version of our standard consultation. You receive the same amount of verbal information, in addition to a customizable set of pre-designed finish selections. Anything from cabinets to flooring to paint. To learn more about the investments in both of our consultation services, you can visit the Luxury Verbal Home Staging page on our website here

Best Application –

Perfect for homeowners or investors who are not afraid to get a little hands on! Also ideal for any properties that will be occupied while on the market. 

Luxury Virtual – When there is no wiggle room in the budget, virtual staging is an excellent alternative! You still get the same designer look for your online listing photos, without the cost of a physical vacant home staging. Our Luxury Virtual service utilizes our same Interior Design vendors as in our Vacant Staging service. Not only does it give our virtual designs a more distinct look than any other you will get, it also allows us to keep our virtual staging designs to scale. This means any of the furniture a potential buyer sees in one of our images can actually be ordered through us and we can ensure the piece will fit inside the space the way the photo shows. You won’t find that in an online virtual staging program – we take pride in the fact that our virtual program is unique! To learn more about the investment in this service, you can visit the Luxury Virtual Home Staging page on our website here

Best Application –

A great alternative to vacant stagings. Perfect for any clients outside of the Des Moines metro area or anyone trying to watch their numbers.

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Until next time friends!