Ever considered staging services? Here’s luxury staging from a client’s perspective!

What exactly is home staging, and what will that process look like for me – the client, you might ask? Elizabeth Erin Designs understands that even though we stage homes all the time, some people aren’t as familiar with the concept as we are – and that’s totally okay. That’s what we are here to do – educate and inspire, so more people will see the value in home staging.

You might be wondering what your first step in pursuing home staging is. Simply, decide whether or not you want to sell your home! Once you’ve decided to sell, do some research to decide if home staging is a good investment for you. Check out Why We are So Passionate about Home Staging for any home on the market and Our Top 10 Frequently Asked Luxury Home Staging Questions to give you some more guidance. Any of our previous staging blogs would also be a great look into our services more specifically – find those here: https://elizabetherindesigns.com/blog/

Next comes hiring a staging company. We obviously recommend EED’s luxury staging services, as we always strive to help our clients achieve their vision of a quicker sale or higher sale. With over 20 years of combined staging experience, our team of expert interior designers maximizes your property’s market presence. Working with EED is seamless – learn about our three different services in our blog Luxury Vacant vs Luxury Verbal vs Luxury Virtual – What do they all mean?

Typically Jodi will help you decide which service is best for you in your complimentary staging consultation. This is also where Jodi will gather any necessary information to understand your project. Pricing is a question we often get – our pricing starts with a base investment that includes staging the primary spaces buyers focus on, with the opportunity to add additional spaces as needed. Jodi will work with you personally to figure out the best game plan to get your home staged and marke-ready!

After selecting a package and discussing pricing, a designer from EED will get to work designing and planning your custom luxury home staging. This includes picking furniture, color schemes, accessories, rugs, and a layout for EVERYTHING. You’d be surprised at how much behind-the-scenes work we do and how easy it makes the process for our clients as we take care of everything. 

Once the designer has everything planned, it is time for implementation – or what we like to call “Staging Day”! We will work with our moving company, your realtor, and you (the homeowner), to find a day that works for everyone. When stage day finally comes, we will stage your home and snap a few teaser photos to send you as we leave! Then comes the waiting – and watch in astonishment as your home will sell in record time! 

After days or weeks have passed, and we receive word from your realtor that your home has sold, we all work together again to find a day to “de-stage your home”. This is where we undo everything we did on staging day, so you can begin packing up your home and getting ready to move! Congratulations, you have now sold your home, and EED was happy to be a part of it! 

Don’t just take our word for it…

Do you have further questions about what our staging services look like from the client’s perspective? You can always reach out to us at (515) 986-1895 or email us at office@elizabetherindesigns.com! Read A Day In The Life Of A Luxury Home Stager – One Moment At A Time to find out what some of our behind-the-scenes days look like. Confused By The Average Staging Cost? Let’s Get To The Heart of It! will tell you more about staging costs. 

Thanks, y’all! Until next time!