Spring cleaning is here! Here’s our favorite cleaning products and practices.

Spring is finally here, and there’s no better time to deep clean and refresh your home. After a long winter of being cooped up inside, cleaning and redecorating will help get your space ready for the new season. 

Switching out your smaller accessories can make a huge difference. Simply buying smaller decor and switching it out depending on the season will give your space a mini-makeover at a low cost. If you want a bigger change, try out a new wall color and replace your dated furniture with a more modern style! 

Sometimes the best way to prepare for spring is to reduce the amount of furniture and decor in your home. Kill two birds with one stone; minimize barely used pieces AND make your space feel more large and open. Go through cabinets and drawers and only keep necessary often-used items is a good way to maximize storage space and find what you need quickly. 

Cleaning is a crucial part when reviving your home. It is difficult to feel comfortable and relaxed in a dirty space, so spring is a great time for a deep clean. With plastic becoming a major issue for the planet, we wanted to share some sustainable cleaning products that we love! 

Grove is a great website that sells products in glass and aluminum packaging and then sells refills for the containers to reduce waste. Some of their items are sold at Target, but you can always order from their website. They have various products, including soaps, floor cleaners, walnut and bamboo scrubbers, and much more. They also carry personal care items and popular brands. Grove states their mission and provides a question and answer section to make it easy for the customers to get information. Click here to check out Grove: https://www.grove.co/ 

Blueland is another notable website that sells sustainable cleaning kits. The kits come with reusable bottles and cleaning tablets to add to the bottles and mix with water to create the cleaning product. Various cleaning sprays, soaps, dishwasher tablets, laundry detergent tablets, and refill options are available. The Blueland website has tabs at the top for how it works and the company’s mission, so it is clearly defined for customers. Click here to check out Blueland today: https://www.blueland.com/ 

We hope these tips help you find new sustainable products and get your home ready for the warmer seasons. Incorporating them into your spring cleaning routine this year will help you keep your space open and welcoming.