Why Home Renovation Shows Make Us Say: Reality TV? More Like False-Reality TV!

Who loves watching reality shows? Better yet, who loves binging them? As fun and entertaining as they can be, they always tend to redefine the meaning of “reality.” Home renovation shows are beautifully aesthetic to watch and inspirational at times, but how true is the content? In today’s blog, we will be discussing myths and facts behind home renovation shows. We hope you enjoy “why home renovation shows make us say: reality tv? More like false-reality tv”!

  1. Furniture in the newly-remodeled homes stays with the home after the show. 

Myth: Furniture is normally just a part of the staging. This means these beautifully depicted rooms on your TV are about to be torn down most of the time after the cameras stop rolling. Typically, the furniture budgets tend not to be a part of the renovation budget. This can lead to an additional cost of thousands of dollars to keep the furniture in the “final product reaction” at the end of the episodes.

2. The network pays for the entire renovation and construction costs.

Myth: On occasion, the network will provide small funds to help speed up the renovation and construction timeline. The network has a deadline to meet for these episodes. Every other time, the clients pay for these costs out of their own pockets.

3. Renovation and construction costs are cheaper on the show than in the real world.

Fact: Though the clients go over budget in almost every episode, they tend to get great deals on the products going in their homes. Since these products typically come from product lines from the hosts of the shows or from deals the network could get with a few pulled strings, the costs of cabinets, countertops, and furniture DO tend to cost less on the show than in real life.

4. With all the workers on the show, the renovation must get done quickly.

Myth: Just because the show is edited and revised to fit in an hour-long episode, renovation and construction can take a few months to a whole year! The time lapses and editing can be tricky to comprehend, but it takes just as long for them to rebuild a home as anyone else.

5. Most homeowners looking for a new home on the show have already picked out and purchased that home in real life.

Fact: To ensure the network can find a client, renovate their home, and get the episode ready to air on a set timeline, they have no room for running around the market trying to find a home to renovate. Any homeowner can understand the stress and time-consuming struggle of finding and buying a home. Because of this, many clients on these shows have already found the home they want to renovate and pretend to look at houses on the market for theatrics on the show.

6. Homeowners on the show can be in financial turmoil before the show even begins.

Fact: On many home renovation shows, it is required for the client to have all of their financials figured out before the show begins. With down payments for renovations and buying the home, some people have to resort to their family for financial help and starting a credit line or taking out large loans to afford the initial costs.

7. They don’t use scripts on the shows.

Myth: Many intros to the clients’ lives are unscripted, as they are sharing their stories and what they want in a home. Reactions, facial expressions, and queued silences are scripted other times, especially with the hosts. The scripts are utilized mainly to keep the lighthearted flow of the episode going, but sometimes it can be a little too obvious.

The last fact or myth that is most important to keep in mind is,

8. These shows are worth watching.

Fact: These shows aren’t designed to deceive the clients or the viewers of the show. They have processes to stick to in order to ensure entertainment and satisfaction. Sometimes it can be a little fake or misconstrued, but these shows provide great entertainment and inspiration for homeowners watching and looking for a change in their homes. Better yet, if the host has their own product line, the viewer could take a stab at redesigning their home with the inspiration of the episode they just watched. Everything on tv should be taken with a grain of salt, but after that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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