Artful Gallery Wall

The empty wall behind my sofa has been a long held debate in my head, trying to decide what would work out the best. I considered these three ideas: a picture wall, a single large piece of art, and even a gallery wall of multiple pieces (like you see all over Pinterest). However, none of them seemed to fit me quite right.

One day after one of those wine and painting classes with my mom, we finally had the perfect idea! She had been giving me a hard time about the numerous pieces I had collected from various DIY workshops I had taken. They had sat around because I had not found anywhere to put them all. So I rounded up my “masterpieces” and played around with layouts until I found one I liked. My fear was that a general collage would look too cluttered with the multiple different frames and canvases I had. Ultimately, I chose to focus on a middle horizontal line. It gave a bit of organization and a line for the eye to focus one. The other reason I choose this layout was because it gave me room to expand in the future! Any excuse to keep my hobbies going 😉