HIGH Expectations, Cozy Results

Everyone loves tall ceilings; however, when it comes to bedrooms, taller ceilings can often pose a design dilemma. Many struggle trying to figure out how to deal with higher ceilings while maintaining a cozy feel. In order for us to create a stunning space that also showed how cozy modern homes can feel, we took this dilemma very seriously as we worked through designing this space.

The direction for this modern cozy space revolved around the idea of having a fabric paneled wall. We wanted a fresh take on a headboard and wanted to create a highly visually stimulating focal point. This keeps your sightline lower and the tall bare ceiling just floats away in your peripheral vision. (The added acoustical effect these panels have also help to minimize echos with the tall ceilings!) There were options for fabric panels, like these, you could buy online but we decided to go the custom route. We brought in Repinned to help us out on this project, they did a wonderful job custom fitting these panels to the space. Since we went custom, we were able to select from a variety of different vendors for the fabric. This leather from Justin David really hit the marker on the navy tone we were carrying throughout the home. The texture of the leather next to the soft fabrics on the bed created a really nice masculine modern feel to this upholstery piece.

Instead of covering the whole wall in fabric panels, we decided to frame it in with this natural wood custom element. This element was designed to obviously create visual interest; but also, house a lighting LED strip to bounce some ambient lighting around – which is a MOOD when they are on by themselves. The warm wood tone finish warms up the lighting and creates a really warm cozy feel. In addition to the LED strip lighting, we also added pendants on either side of the bed to replace the need for table lamps. This look has been very on trend as of lately and we are loving the clean look it gives to nightstands. Eliminating tabletop clutter helps to decompress and ultimately will aid in a more relaxing atmosphere.

When accessorizing the space, we aired on the side of minimal pattern & went mostly with color blocking. We chose a solid duvet cover and placed a few oversized pillows on the bed to give a plush feel without an excessive amount of smaller throw pillows. This more modern approach was made easy with these 22”x22” Bernhardt pillows. Along the same lines of minimal pattern, we opted for an acrylic framed pair of accent chairs for the end of the bed. These fur covered chairs add an additional texture without drawing the attention that pattern generally does.

Soft patterns, hard lines, and a plethora of textures come together to make up this beautiful space. Keeping all the visual interest at sightline & creating a palette of textures to play with help maintain the cozy atmosphere without having to compromise on your ceiling height. This modern bedroom truly mixes the modern airy feel with a more traditionally cozy bedroom feel.