Dining Room Dilemma

Open floor plans create the illusion of large spaces with limited square footage, but can create a problem when you’re trying to make a distinct space for a distinct purpose. I ran into that very problem with my dining area and living room. There isn’t a distinct division between my dining area and living room so I came up with the idea to add something to frame the dining table and create a visual division between the two rooms. Instead of spending a ton of money on a large piece of artwork, I decided to make these panels myself:

What you’ll need:


  1. Cut the plywood into the size or shape of your choosing (below is a template for the size and shape I chose)
  2. Measure and cut molding to go around the perimeter of the plywood (I measured mine so the molding hung off the edge of the plywood 1/2 an inch)
  3. Wipe the molding down with a damp rag to clean and remove any scuff marks
  4. Paint the molding and let dry overnight
  5. While you’re letting the paint dry, cut your wall paper to fit each panel (leave 1″ margin of plywood so you can attach the molding)
  6. Attach the molding to the plywood with wood glue
  7. Once the wood glue has dried, staple the back outside edge of the plywood to ensure that the molding doesn’t come off
  8. Attach the picture hangers to the back of each panel, one on the right side and one on the left
  9. Measure and use a level to place the MonkeyHooks in the wall
  10. Hang your panels on the MonkeyHooks