Jordin's Fresh Finds – July 2012

Elizabeth Erin Designs Fresh Finds

Festive (but not so American) Fabrics for the Fourth

When I think of the fourth of July, I instantly think of the American flag with it’s
bold colors of red white and blue and the stars and stripes. These beautiful
fabrics might share the same colors of the American flag, but they are far from
stars and stripes. The popular patterns pictured below come from different
cultures, setting them apart from the traditional American plaid.

via Etsy

Paisley -From Persian and Indian culture nicknamed “Persian pickles” by traditional Americans.

via Etsy

Damask – From Islamic and Byzantine culture. This once expensive pattern has become more affordable while keeping the luxurious look.

via Etsy

Greek Key – From (you guessed it) Greek culture. This shape which was only used on decorative pottery can now look great on a decorative pillow on your sofa.

via Etsy

Moroccan Quatrefoil – Moroccan twist on the Gothic architecture pattern. Quatrefoils are coming off of Gothic architecture and on to these great pillows.

via Joyus

 Ikat – Coming from South American Cultures this unique pattern pulls off putting blue and red together making a great accent piece.