Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms seem to be quite the popular place for updating lately. With our recent time spent in our client’s bathrooms we thought we would share some information about the ins and outs of remodeling. Bathroom updates will help add value to your home and can not only make them have a fresh new look, but it can make them much more functional as well. While some bathrooms simply need new selections, some bathrooms need major work in their bones which can be much more costly. The earlier you renovate, the easier the update. Don’t wait until water is leaking through to your basement or damaging other rooms. If water is already leaking, it’s time to give us a call!

Sometimes full remodels are not in the budget and we can work with that as well. Simple changes can make big statements like new lighting, vanities, hardware, countertops or flooring. Even just a fresh coat of paint can sometimes help!

If updating an older bathroom, make sure everything is up to code. Plumbing, electricity, space issues and materials all need to be taken into consideration for safety.

When remodeling, be sure to consider all options. We find a layout that works best for you, and products that best fit your style and get everything organized and flowing together before the process starts.

Don’t forget storage. Storage for the shower, storage for cleaning supplies, storage for towels, storage for makeup…the list goes on and on. You need it all and it takes planning ahead to achieve the best use for storage.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.51.43 AM
A good example picture taken from Houzz


Remember to add some visual interest and new ideas. We love all the new products in the bathroom world. Use fun new detail/accent tiles for a wow factor. There are so many design options for showers and we can make a space unique to you. Make sure whatever is done, it looks like the design was taken into consideration. Even simply tiling a shower to for the resale of the house is very important!

Select the right/durable flooring. Wall tiles stay on walls no matter how pretty they are. We always check the ratings of the tile and their correct placement. Take into consideration heating your floors. It makes a big difference on the cool tile.

Make sure you have the right lighting. It not only needs to look good. It needs to function. Sconces beside a mirror provide better lighting than over the mirror vanity lights. Don’t forget daylight. If possible incorporate a window or skylight into your bathroom. Make sure it is water proof and will last through many steamy showers.

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A beautiful picture of a bathroom taken from Houzz

Get a good toilet. This one is self explanatory.

Don’t be afraid to add luxurious features. Bathroom remodels can be a lot of work and you should be proud of the finished project. Others will notice.

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A good use of space found from Houzz

And as always when remodeling: Budget for the unseen, and don’t rush the process.

We would love to help you turn your bathroom into a dream bathroom and take these worries off your plate. We have many new ideas and can’t wait to share them with you! Below is a sneak peak of a before picture taken of a current remodel we are working on. There are many new updates to this home so keep posted for new pictures!

Sneak peak of a current bathroom remodel. We can't wait to see the outcome!
The before stage of a current bathroom remodel. We can’t wait to see the outcome!