Celebrating International Women’s Day at EED!

While we as women have come along way from our first International women’s day in 1909 we still fight for women’s rights all over the world. 

Today at Elizabeth Erin Designs we celebrate the women in our lives who inspire us, support us, empower us, and love us. 

Jodi is inspired by her grandmothers. “They inspire me because they were strong willed and always found a way to make things happen. They never took no for an answer and they are the most amazing humans spreading light and love to everyone they met!” 

Jill looks up to and is inspired by her younger sister “She is an amazing woman who is and has been an in home caregiver to her special needs, now adult daughter and is a 3 time cancer survivor. “Mic Drop” “

Katie says “I feel like I always say my mom, because she has been my role model my whole life. However, lately I have also been super inspired by an influencer, Angela Rose, because of her design drive to break the stereotype to empower women to learn new skills and take on our own DIY/home remodeling projects!” 

Ally has always looked up to her mom! “My mom is one of the strongest and most supportive women I know. And isn’t that what this day is all about? Women supporting other women. My mom has always been there to support my sister and I!

My mom works a full time job, takes care of my sister, and still finds time to run her bakery! 

Check out her amazing cookies and more.”

Sue is inspired by my her Aunt Mary. “She has overcome various challenges in her life. She has traveled the world (lucky for me I have been on some of these adventures!). And now she has a business, SewMeticulous. She has made some of the most amazing custom quilts for her clients and our family! I also love that she is continuing the quilting tradition that her mother (my grandma), and her grandmother (my great grandma) started.” 

Check out her FB page SewMeticulous or find her on http://etsy.com/shop/SewMeticulous

Sue is also inspired by her daughter, Alexis. “She is in her 3rd year of playing professional volleyball in Europe. The last two years have been exceptionally challenging with Covid and some personal health issues. Yet she continues to persevere and to be a light to her teammates. We have a blog together, selectionsandreflections.com on which she journals about her experiences in Europe. 

Sisu! (Finnish term for strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity). “ 

Diane says “I have always been inspired by women who raise a family as well as work outside the home.  Both positions are full-time important jobs and to juggle both simply continue to amaze me.” 

Ashtyn is inspired by her mom! “She is a hard working physician that has dedicated her life to helping people. She puts others before herself and is always finding ways to go above and beyond for anyone who asks for help. She is the greatest woman I have ever met and I hope to be half as amazing as she is someday!” 

Molly looks up to Greta Thunberg. “She is so young and inspiring for standing up for what she believes in. She truly cares about the planet and is fighting for change. She has reached so many people.” 

We hope you enjoyed reading about who inspires us! Let us know who inspires you in the comments! If you loved this blog, make sure to check out our blog about the last show home expo we participated in. It walks you through the process of the build and is a must read!