Charming Outdoor Spaces


Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to a design style, and many change their minds as trends come and go. So why not stick with something simple that you can adjust as you want. The image above is a great example of creating something as you need it. The canopy can easily be hung up and taken down as needed. The pillows and blankets can just be extra from a linen closet, or ones you have laying around the house. A great idea for an intimate date night or a girls get together.



Here is a tucked away little spot, perfect for two. Just two outdoor chairs, a fire pit, pillows and blankets, and some special lighting. This could be something that you leave out (depending on the weather where you live) or another quick option for special events. Of course, a “mood” is going to be more present at night when the artificial light is given a chance to shine.



We loved the textures of the patterns so much┬áthat it inspired us to use the image above for our new service’s promotional tools, the EE2 Designer (pronounced e-squared designer). Quick note on our new service. Super simple process, and it is a flat rate. Therefore there are no hidden fees ­čÖé Another great feature of the image above is that it hides a retaining wall. That backyard eye soar is now adding to the overall design.



You might think that the pergola is the focal feature in this image. I would care to disagree. My personal favorite part of this picture is the stone walking path leading to it. It brings the actual yard spaces and transitions it into the seating area underneath the pergola. It is a great space with stone and greenery to just stop and appreciate nature’s beauty.


Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 4.58.24 PM

If you are looking for a larger seating area that feels more personal, adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is a good idea. It not only bring warmth and heat, but also brings the space in for a better social atmosphere.


Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 4.59.48 PM

Exposed rafter can bring character and charm to an outdoor space. It still has the open views out, while still having the comfort of the indoors. The unique ceiling fan additionally adds to the warm hues present in the furniture and accent pillows. It is bright and uplifting, while also being relaxing.


Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 5.01.30 PM

Charming does not mean that it needs to be all tight knit. The pergola is really the only thing limiting this outdoor space to confined area. Green grass on either side, feeling like you are just one with nature. An important note in the image above is that the furniture does not have arms, this is to add to the one with nature feeling. It brings peace and harmony through the details.


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 3.34.44 PM

Your outdoor space does not have to be a huge feature in order to be charming. Take this porch swing for example. It is the simplicity and functionality that make it stand out. Who wouldn’t walk by and not just want to crawl right in? I know I would love to just sit back and read a book!


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 3.35.22 PM

Lastly, a classic backyard space perfect for social gatherings. The great thing about this option is that it does not take away from the large yard that is already present. Young kiddos could still run around and play, while the adults gather around the fire and talk.