Startling Inspiration, Finding Design In Nature

Sometimes what the soul needs is to get away and get lost. That is exactly what we did; my husband, Scott, and me. Over the 4th of July weekend, we decided to get away to Vegas to get lost, but not in a casino, a show or the streets, but in Mount Charleston.

Mount Charleston is a town approximately 45 mins outside of Las Vegas, of about 500 people. There is quite a bit to do there, but we came for was cooler temperatures and inspiring hikes. Mount Charleston delivered. You can check out more on Mount Charleston at this website.

Hiking isn’t my only passion, I love photographing nature while hiking. I want to share with you several of my favorite photos from my Mount Charleston hike and share how it inspired me in design!

At the end of this hike at Mary Jane Falls you are rewarded with cool melting snow and an amazing views.  This first photo is one of my favorites because of the neutral, but high contrast color pallet. It almost looks painted on and you can pick up all of texture.

 I want to relate this back to design because high contrast is a hot design trend. In this image from one of our vendors, Bernhardt Furniture,  you can see the texture the white drapes create, allowing the gray and wood framed headboard to shine through to create a palette that allows the lamps and the textured accent pillows to pop out of the image.

Out of all my hikes, Fletcher Canyon was hands down my favorite! Walking through the canyon was breath taking. Different areas were covered with butterflies, which I am obsessed with! In this image, I was able to capture one on this granite rock. I enjoy the balancing act that the butterfly’s textured wings play with shadowing, and the surprising texture of the rock; it almost looks soft enough touch. 

Similar similarities can be made with this image from Bernhardt Furniture Great Room setting. In comparison, this Cosmo Sofa has a surprise power feature that separates the back like butterfly wings. In this image you can also see how shadows play a role in this cohesive design.

On the hike back I saw an image I hadn’t seen on the way up, I couldn’t help myself! Yes, even nature knew I needed a good giggle this day.  I ❤️ lamas!

Check out this Giclee artwork from Leftbank Art, a vendor we carry, called Lama 1. Looks like the artist, Adam Mowery, may have been inspired here as well!

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