Comfy Places for Netflix Binging Nights!

Wanting to make the perfect comfy space for your night in watching Netflix? Check out these awesome comfy spaces that we found that would be perfect for one of these nights!

Starting with the classic sectional couch, this is always a comfy and great spot to sit back, relax, and watch some tv/movies. This is a great choice, especially when there is a chaise connected to the end if you want to extend your legs out! Putting it in a darker part of the house will make for a great space to feel like you are in a movie theater!


Next week have this fun nook space that would be great for a relaxing time watching Netflix! They used an otherwise useless space and turned it into something functional! They added a small bench and some pillow and blankets, the perfect getaway space to watch your favorite show!


Here is a smaller place, but looks extremely comfy. It looks like they have some cloth hanging from the ceiling that drapes over this padded egg type chair for the perfect hiding place to catch up on your shows! It look quiet, relaxing, and extremely cozy, this could be the perfect space for you!


Now something a little fancier, this suspended lounging area! It looks somewhat like a hammock, however it is much more padded and a bit larger. It would be a fun way to show off to your friends the great place you have for relaxing!


If you live somewhere warmer than Iowa, and enjoy being outside, take a look at this option where they created an great cozy outdoor space for relaxing! They have a large mattress out on a patio with tons of pillows and some fun hanging lights! It a great escape from being inside, but still gives you the cozy feel of being tucked away in your bed!


Finally we have this fun option of making a fort! Take the pillows and blankets from all around your house and create this awesome and temporary place to watch your movies! It’s a fun and easy transition from your normal night on the couch, but easy because you have everything already in your house!


Well, that’s all for now, hope you enjoyed the blog this week. This definitely gave us some great ideas on how to make our homes more cozy!