Tips to Picking Wallpaper

There are several different factors that go into picking out the right wallpaper and what will work best for you! Take a look below and see what could be useful for you!

The first tip is how to use a bold pattern and make it work. When picking out a pattern, you want to make sure the pattern is the right size for your space. A large bold pattern could look nice in a small powder room, as long as you allow the pattern to repeat 3 or 4 times so it looks like it fits. Not sure if you’d be okay with a bold look? Try using the bold pattern in the guest bathroom, that way you don’t have to see it all the time! It’s also a great way to impress your guests:)

Tip two is how to use a pattern that has a big repeat. One way to make this work is if you pick a pattern that is compact horizontally and larger on the vertical. Another way is to bring light into the space through a reflective wallpaper. Either way could work for a large repeat, to give the space a different look, it just depends on the size of space you have!

Tip number three is how to determine when continuing the wallpaper onto the ceiling is a yes or a no? If you have molding that separates the walls from the ceiling, this is the best opportunity to wallpaper the ceiling. It breaks up the pattern, but extends it even further and gives it a great look. If you’re wondering if you could do a different pattern on the ceiling, well you have to be willing to be bold! It has to be the right wallpaper that corresponds with the walls, so asking a designer to help with this would be advised!




Tip four is to always test the wallpaper before purchasing! You want to make sure it goes with everything else in the room. So consider getting a large piece of it and hanging it on the wall for a few days, see if you like it and if you think it fits well with the whole room. If so, then go ahead and order!

Finally, tip number five is to consider texture with your wallpaper. They give off very different looks than the flat look of most. It can add depth to the room with its three dimensional quality!

So many things to consider, and these are only a few. So if you are looking to add wallpaper to your space, consider these tips to help make the best choice for you!