Dining Room Ideas for those Busy Holiday Dinners

Having the whole family over for Holiday Dinners? Need to have enough space for everyone? Here are a few tips on what you can do to squeeze in all the extra people you will have over!

There are many different ways to approach this, the first is rearranging. If you have a large living room and a smaller dining room, think about switching the rooms for the evening in order to have a larger table and be able to seat everyone together. You can always leave some furniture in the room and just put the table in the middle, it will just depend the layout of your space. Check out a sample below!


Another idea is to move the party out to the garage. If you have a big garage, clear it out, decorate it and get a large table in there where you are able to seat everyone! This allows the whole family to be together and you can have a fun time decorating the space to fit the Holidays!


If you would like to keep the dining in the dining room, consider getting a bench or two to have at the table. This will allow multiple people to sit on one side, instead of having an individual seat for each person. This could help to squeeze in those extra couple people you are having trouble fitting in!

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Finally, the obvious one is to have a table that has a table leaf in order to expand the table and allow more people to sit at it! There are many tables that do this, so think about this for an easier way to fit all of your guests!


Hope some of these ideas sparked an interest and gave you a good plan on how to fit everyone at your Holiday party!