Unique Countertops

Wanting to spruce up your kitchen? Why not give it a new look with a fun and unique new counter top! We are going to show you a variety of different counter top options we have found that can be sure to stand out. There are so many different directions you can go with it, so take a look and find out which one is right for you?


The first is this wood block counter top, which is quite common these days, however this one is unique because they kept the shape of the wood! It gives a great look to your space, and is a fun focal piece. This also allows you to have a counter top that is unlike any other since the shape of the tree will not be the same as any other!



This is a fun counter with a unique sink cut out could be just the thing for you. It is perfect for cooling drinks as shown above, or for fruit as well. If you do big events at your house and need places to hold cold food for a buffet this is perfect! No mess because it will all drain down the sink! It’s a unique way to incorporate events within your home to make it easier for you!


This “aquariumesque” counter top is very unique and will let your kitchen shine! We love how it goes up and becomes the backsplash as well, it really gives it a great look! If you love sea life and want to bring a piece of that into your home, this is the perfect match for you!


If you are into technology, this is just the right counter top for you! It incorporates technology that allows you to look up different meals, check out the news and much more! So throw away those recipe books and store the recipes on your counter! It’s a perfect way to de-clutter your kitchen and also have an awesome feature to show everyone!


Sticking with the technology aspect, this is a similar feature to the above counter top, however, it is a stove top. This counter hides your stove top when not being used and then can pop up when it needs to be utilized which provides you with more counter space when needed!


This is a unique counter top that incorporates some great lighting features. It looks like bubbling water and has up lights to highlight it and give it an extraordinary look! This will sure standout in your kitchen, so if you want a bright focal piece, this is it! It’s a great sleek look with some great unique features.


This is our last counter piece and one of our favorites. Using creative lighting and unique materials you create this luxurious and beautiful piece! It is extremely unique and will be the talk of the town!

Thanks for reading the blog! I hope you enjoyed the fun counter pieces we found to share and maybe we can help you make your dream kitchen come true!