Embracing Autumn: Your Guide to Fall Favorite Things to Do in Des Moines, Iowa

As the leaves start to turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and gold, and the crisp autumn breeze fills the air, Des Moines, Iowa, comes alive with a plethora of fall activities and events. From pumpkin patches to scenic drives, this season offers an array of experiences for locals and visitors alike. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the fall favorite things to do in Des Moines, ensuring you make the most of this magical time of year.

  1. Visit the Pumpkin Patches

One of the quintessential fall activities is visiting pumpkin patches, and Des Moines has several fantastic options. Places like Center Grove Orchard and Howell’s Pumpkin Patch offer not only a wide variety of pumpkins but also corn mazes, apple orchards, and fun activities for the whole family. Picking your own pumpkin is a cherished tradition that’s bound to get you in the autumn spirit.

  1. Explore the Des Moines Botanical Garden

The Des Moines Botanical Garden is a hidden gem that truly comes to life in the fall. With its stunning array of seasonal flowers, shrubs, and trees, it’s a breathtaking location to take a leisurely stroll and admire the vibrant fall foliage. Don’t forget to stop by the indoor gardens, where you can experience the beauty of tropical and desert plants, creating a unique contrast to the outdoor autumn atmosphere.

3. Go to a Vintage Festival

Step into a time machine and experience the past in all its glory at a vintage festival. These unique events transport attendees to a bygone era, offering a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. From the music and fashion to the food and entertainment, vintage festivals are a nostalgic journey through history, and attending one is like stepping back in time. Here are some upcoming ones: Highland Happening Oct. 22nd, DSM Vintage Clothing Market Nov. 25th, & Totally Rad Vintage Fest Nov. 18th!

  1. Go for a Scenic Drive

The changing leaves and crisp air make fall the perfect time for a scenic drive. In Des Moines, you can explore the stunning Loess Hills Scenic Byway, Ledges State Park, or head to Water Works Park for a leisurely drive along the Des Moines River. Be sure to pack a picnic and enjoy the fall colors with a breathtaking backdrop.

5. Hike and Bike the Trails

Des Moines is home to an extensive network of trails and parks that provide fantastic opportunities to embrace the fall weather. Places like Walnut Woods State Park and Gray’s Lake Park offer picturesque settings for walking, biking, and enjoying the great outdoors. These trails provide excellent vantage points for taking in the autumn foliage.

6. Visit Living History Farms

Fall is a great time to take a trip back in time at Living History Farms. This interactive museum offers a unique experience where you can learn about Iowa’s agricultural history and even participate in hands-on activities. Their Family Halloween event is a favorite among visitors, providing a mix of education and seasonal fun.

Overall Des Moines, Iowa, is a wonderful place to enjoy the beauty and festivities of the fall season. With pumpkin patches, scenic drives, delicious apple orchards, and a wide range of events, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, grab your sweater and your favorite mug of hot cider and make the most of this autumn by exploring the fall favorite things to do in Des Moines.