Interior design apps make our lives easier! We highly recommend these five!

Can you think of one thing that every adult almost always has on their person? If you were thinking a cell phone, you are correct! Since as humans, we have cell phones constantly with us, why not use them as an asset in our day-to-day lives to make things easier? 

As designers, we’ve come across quite a few apps and technology hacks that we love to use while on projects, installs, and consultations. These apps are especially best if they are user-friendly and easy for everyone to understand and navigate. We’re hoping to share those with you today to help make your life easier as well!

Pinterest and Instagram

It goes without saying that Pinterest and Instagram are two of our favorite apps for gathering design inspiration! We love watching our design friends from across the world and recognizing their great work. We also love that these apps help us grow our business, as we are also able to share work we are proud of. When gathering inspo for your next project or home related upgrade, check out us on Instagram @elizabetherindesigns. 

ColorSnap Match (by Sherwin Williams)

ColorSnap is a tool we LOVE! Have you ever been driving through a neighborhood or in a friends house when you see a color that you love? This app allows you to take a photo of a color you love and it will provide you with a Sherwin Williams paint color that matches as closely as possible. Plus, for a more accurate reading, we have a handheld color picking tool at our office that we love to let our clients use! 


Another of our favorite design apps – this is an awesome community for design and building trades vendors. This app is a great way to find inspiration and ideas for upcoming projects. We also love suggesting our clients use this app to send us inspiration photos with ideas that they like. 


When a lead designer is on site at a clients’ house or at a new build construction site, she collects measurements of the spaces we will be designing. These measurements are helpful to us as we are then able to draft the floor plan to find furniture of the correct sizes, and create the 3D renderings that help us sell the design. Magicplan is a great app to collect accurate measurements and photos of these project spaces. 

If you like to dabble in design and home inspiration, we highly recommend downloading these apps to your phone! We know they’ve made our lives easier as designers! All are available on the App store and on Google Play. Have any apps you recommend for us? Let us know! Have a topic you’d like us to cover in a future blog? Let us know at 515-986-1895 or Have a wonderful week everyone!