Flourishing in Florence

On to Florence, the city of endless walking, architecture, art, cuisine and inspiration.  Anytime I leave for another country I try and learn some phrases and or important words in the native language. 

I find this goes a long way to show respect to the people of the country we are visiting.  Unfortunately my schedule was not as cooperative, but I did meet many lovely people who assisted me with my pronunciation and clarified my questions. Many a good laugh was had, I am sure mostly at my expense:)

Overall Florence was a very walkable city.  It was a very walkable city; however, our hotel was about 1.5 miles from the city center, and I visited there twice a day, everyday!  There was so much to see and do.

Regardless off the fact that I semi-failed at talk the talk, I defiantly got down walk the walk! I walked averaged  27,000 steps A DAY!  My shoes racked up the miles for sure.  Some of the highlights we the Uffizi Museum, Dumo, The Piazzale Michaelangelo, open markets, all over city square, oh and the Apple Store helped me out with a little phone issue! 

Not to mention all the amazing restaurants, helpful hint, the new on the side streets were much better and less packed then the ones in the city center. Enjoy the picture tour!