When in Rome…

We just arrived in Rome and I wasn’t going to let only getting 35 minutes of rest on the plane keep me from enjoying sounds, sites, and tastes of Rome.  The first thing Scott and I did was check into our  to our hotel, Hotel Artemide, to drop off our luggage.  Not only was the staff’s customer service extremely pleasant, I enjoyed how the designer worked within the coloring of the natural stone to glance the color with the businesses of the pattern in the carpet off the lobby.  They did not cut back on the design in the stairwells either (a typical place that is overlooked).  The base trim here was 12” tall and gorgeous!  It truly held it’s own against the decorative stone and marble flooring. 

After checking in, Scott and I headed out to do some site-seeing.  I have to say, that Rome is nothing like I expected it to be.  For a large city, it was clean, friendly, and extremely easy to get around on foot.  August is the time of year when 80 percent of Italians head to the coasts for summer vacation; so, that could be one reason why Rome seamed less hectic, but I will take it!  On our site seeing tour we went to The Forum, The Coliseum,  Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps.  The Trevi fountain was my favorite because of the intricate carving and history.  I got a lovely picture of it a night time.  The details are enhanced by the placement of the lighting.

One treat I got to enjoy was gelatti, the Italian version of ice cream, and it is amazing!  I find have the best luck when I ask the person serving us for their recommendation on food choices.  Those that know me well, know that I do not like making decisions for myself in my personal life.  I enjoy other’s recommendations.  I believe that is because I make so many decisions my business life. Francesca who was working at this particular gelatti store recommended the blend of hazelnut and the white chocolate.  I am not a huge chocolate fan, but being a believer that the people working know more about their product then I, I went for it and my mouth was extremely happy with the choice.   I ended up liking the white chocolate more then the hazelnut; so, cheers to not making that decision!

– Jodi