How To Decorate For Fall

Our three step, fool-proof method for getting your home ready for the fall season!

We don’t do much in the form of decorating for the holidays here; but, decorating for the seasons will always be some of our favorite ways to switch up our designs and our showroom. If you’re avid followers of ours, you’ll know we always stress the importance of beautiful solid neutral furniture pieces. When you want to switch out your decor, neutral pieces make the transition so simple.

1. Switch out your pillows

The obvious and first step to redecorating. Make sure you include fall colors, textures, and fabrics into the mix for a well rounded design.

2. Capitalize on Seasonal Flowers

Switch out the bright and vibrant florals for more subdued colors and branchy florals. With all the leaves dropping and plants dying outdoors, it can be tempting to try and liven up your indoors with bright florals. Although the intention may be well and good, it will stand out in a discombobulated way. Plus, with the brighter florals out of season, you will spend a fortune on keeping your bouquet arrangement well maintained.

3. Up Your Cozy Factor 

Break out the cozy throw blankets and introduce more relaxing and cozy elements to your decor. Adding a few candles or mugs can help calm your space and give you easy access to those items you may use more as the temperature drops.