Four Design Trends To Be Thankful For This November

2020 has been quite the crazy year, but has not all have been negative! There are amazing developments to be thankful for on the topic of health and interior design that I am so excited to share with you. The best part is that you don’t have to wait until 2021 to start implementing these trends.

Some background on why we can all be thankful for these trends has to do with none other than China and Recycling. Did you know that China used to buy our plastic trash from us? They brought empty shipping containers to bring goods into the West Coast that would then be filled with our plastic trash they purchased to recycle and make into new products. It was a win-win!

However, in 2017 China started to cut back on plastic trash imports. (Christopher Joyce, from All Things Considered, in his article “Where Will Your Plastic Trash Go Now That China Doesn’t Want It?” Read about it HERE ) Then in January 2018, China banned almost all imports totaling less than 1 percent of 2016. That means a huge amount of plastic trash needs a place to go here in the USA! Thus, bringing you the four design trends tot be thankful for this November!

#1: 3D Printed Floors

The Dutch company Aectual, designed sustainable 3D printed floors. They use 3D printers to create the frame for the floors and bioplastics made from plants to print them. Due to the use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials, this floor production creates very little to no waste at all!

The floors can be tailored to fit spaces of any shape and size, and can be created in all kinds of designs from traditional patterns to custom motifs. It is a perfect combination of how sustainability can walk hand in hand with creativity. Learn more about 3D printed flooring HERE.

I cannot wait to use this type of flooring for a project. I think it’s a great implementation for custom garage floors or gym floors, especially to have a logo printed right in!

#2: Indigo Acoustic Panels by Studio Faler

I have spoken on “Moving Iowa,” a radio show with host, JC Walker and realtor, Penny Carol on acoustic panels before.  Studio Flaer is a German design studio who has designed elegant Indigo Acoustic Panels, local patterns, traditional patterns, and custom patterns are translated into these sound-absorbing structures.

The panels are made of 100 percent organic bananas and mulberry fibers, dyed with indigo plants, and framed with bended bamboo. In order to create a biological closed loop, all materials are treated to be non-toxic and biodegradable. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out this website HERE.

Not only do these acoustic panels create a beautiful accent in any space, they will also function in a theater room to help balance out sound. You could also use them on a ceiling!

#3: Concrete Panels by Butong

Butong, a concrete producer, creates concrete panels that are created by pressing a cast substance between two forms-with extruded cells, thus creating panels consisting of two mesh structures. The panels are suitable for architectural and interior purposes, such as ceilings or vertical gardens. Its holes can be filled with concrete, glass, or they can be unfilled, depending on the the end use. Due to its 3D-structure, the flat panels use 80% less concrete compared with solid concrete panels with the same resistance. There’s a lot more info on concrete panels that you can find HERE.

I love this for a residential project creating a vertical garden or dividing spaces to create conversation gardens that Lynn Kuhns from Transform Outdoors talks about!

#4: Breathe by Milliken & Rowe Furniture

Sustainable, versatile, soft and breathable all describes this eco-friendly fabric. Keeping it green, ‘Breathe’ fabrics are a collection of unique, eco-elegant performance fabrics. Friendly for the whole family – these plant-based fabrics offer durable construction and natural liquid repellency, making them an excellent choice for families! Check out their website HERE.

We have an example of this fabric on a sofa located in our showroom that I’d like to invite you to see what all the hype is about!

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