Garden Area Ideas

Do you like to be outside? Do you like to have a garden, but not sure what to do for it? Take a look at our blog for this week where we share some fun ways to have a garden at your home!

Don’t have a lot of space, but still have to have a variety of things to plant? Take a loot at theme homemade planters! They used a variety of wood sizes and created boxes that can lean up against your home to save space, but still give you the option for multiple different plants! This is a fun option, and you can always pump up the style by staining the wood to match your deck or patio, or interior elements, or find some reclaimed wood and give it a unique look!


Need to save even more space? Check out this vertical garden! Here it showcases only flowers, however you could use any type of plant you wanted here and add baskets to have multiple different kinds of plants. This is a great space saving garden and could look really unique up against your house, and have multiple of them as well!


Have some extra concrete bricks laying around that you know you’ll never use? Try a fun garden area like this! Stack the bricks up in a unique shape somewhere in your back yard, fill them with soil and away you go. This allows for a variety of plant types, however, they would have to be smaller since the opening in the bricks aren’t very large. It’s a great place to showcase succulents and shown below or other types of flowers! This is a fun way to show off a garden that is different from most!


Wanting something a bit larger, but protected? Checkout this homemade caged in garden! It is a great way to protect form pets or other animals that may wander into your backyard! This has a great look and could be made into something larger if desired! It allows for you to see the plants from the outside and it also makes for an easier time planting because it is elevated off the ground. This is another option where you could stain the wood to match or get reclaimed wood to give it a unique look!


Another similar option that helps with protection from animals! This one however incorporates some walking paths and has different sections for different types of plants. This is a great choice for those who want lots of different things in their garden It gives a fun space in  your backyard that can add a fun element to talk about and gives you the garden of your dreams!


Wanting a large open garden with walkways and seating? This last image is just for you. With similarities to the previous image with the walking paths, but differences because it is much larger and isn’t enclosed. This is great if you enjoy lots of landscaping in your backyard, you can incorporate a patio and seating into the garden area and have it all flow together! Having the walkways makes it fun for guests so they can walk through you garden and see what you have and it also makes it easy for you to have different sections for different plant types! A fun and expansive space for your backyard if you are wanting to go all out


We hope you enjoyed our ideas on backyard gardens! We hope you check back next week or another fun blog!