Tips and Tricks for a Windowless Room

Do you have a windowless room that seems small and dark? Want some tips on how to fix that? Well you just so happen to be in the right place! We are going to share some tips and tricks on how to brighten and make a windowless room seem larger!

This first room shows a quick and easy tip on how to help your windowless room. By incorporating multiple large pieces of artwork the room really opens up and expands and can help to liven up that room. It can make the space feel bigger due to the size of the artwork. Another easy way that is similar is by adding a mirror to your windowless room. This can help to capture some light and make it seem brighter as well as tricking the eye to feel larger because the space expands into the mirror!


This next image is another fairly easy way to expand the windowless room in your home! By adding window treatments on the whole wall of a room can create the illusion of windows without there being any. It gives the room height so it feels more expansive as well as bringing in some light if you go with a lighter colored window treatment!



Here is a fun way to make the room feel large as well as bring in some natural light from an adjacent room. By incorporating windows in an interior space that has no windows it can open up the space and draw in light from surrounding rooms, making the space feel much better. As the image below shows, they added in windows and light is being brought in from the back right where there is a window!


This next image shows a similar concept as the above image, however they used a frosted glass instead of windows. This allows for natural light to come it, but still giving the room privacy. It brings in some nice light allowing the space to open up even though windows aren’t actually in that room!


This last image is another similar option to the two above, but with its own unique style. By incorporating small windows or openings above the doorway can be an easy and small way to bring in more natural light to the windowless space. This works great for bathrooms as shown below, but it could also work for other rooms!


That’s it for our tips on how to help that windowless room! We hope these were helpful and that you one day could incorporate it into your home! Tune in next week for another great blog!