Space Saving Tips

Needing a little more space in your house? Can’t figure out how to make more room? Check out our blog for this week where we share some helpful tips on how to organize certain spaces in your home that can help you save space!


First is items for your bathtub. Now this only works if you have a separate tub from shower, but this can help! Create shelving on the wall above the bathtub that stores your soaps, towels, bath salts, etc. It’s an easy way to take the items out from around the edge of the tub and create a nicely designed shelving unit within the bathroom!


Another idea for within your bathroom is in the medicine cabinet. Things always seem to get shoved in there and it is just a disaster! How about finding small plastic trays to attach to the door of the medicine cabinet to hold certain objects to organize everything better! Another place this concept could be used is in cleaning cabinets to hold towels, sponges, other cleaning bottles and supplies. It could also be used in the laundry room, or even back in the bathroom but in bottom cabinets! It’s a great way to get the clutter out without having to move everything to a different location!


The bathroom seems to be a popular place to have clutter, so here is another example for a bathroom! If you have a lot on your counters and want to try and get rid of some of it, try getting a tiered shelf to hold objects such as towels, perfume, soap, q-tips, nail polish, etc. It is a great way to keep everything confined and still on the counter where you use it a lot, but in a more organized manner!


Do you have that clutter in your entry way with all of your shoes? Or are they tossed all over your closet floor? How about this fantastic solution! A cabinet with pull out drawers that fit your shoes perfectly and you can keep them organized and in one spot!


Finally an easy way to organize you kitchen counter and make it look clean and simple! Get a large hook that has prong on it and tack it to the wall under your cabinets. This allows you to hang large utensils on the wall instead of having them shoved in a drawer or in a cup holder on your counter. This gives it an organized look and keeps the clutter down!


We hope you enjoyed some of our helpful organizational tips for the week! Tune in next week for another fun and helpful blog!