Nature Themed Rooms for National Love a Tree Day!

Happy National Love a Tree Day! With that being today we are going to do a fun blog and share some nature themed rooms that we have seen online. Some are elaborate, some less so, but let us know what you think!

This first one is simple, but gives you an outdoor feel. Through the neutral colors and the beautiful artwork it really ties it all together. This unique artwork looks like a window with tree branches outside, giving the illusion of a window which makes the space seem larger as well.


This one is fun, a tree bookshelf! Placing the tree on the wall for a fun piece of artwork/accessory and also use it as storage for books and other items. It gives the great feel of a nature themed room while also being utilized for multiple purposes.


This one is unique and a little more subtle due to the neutral colors of everything. They used tree branches and put them as the legs for their bed which extend all the way to the ceiling. It looks as though the trees are growing through the ceiling and they built the bed on them. What a fun way to add what you love while being more subtle with the colors.


This room is more literal. They have some hanging vines on their wall, which really pushes the nature theme. It’s a fun look for a more natural feel if you want to go in that direction!


This room is very bold. They used an entire wall as a mural for a forest scene, really diving into that nature feel. They complement it wit neutral colors and natural materials throughout the rest of the room.


Finally we have this over the top room. With woods used throughout, hanging plants all the way down to the floor and the right lighting to create unique shadows on the ground like trees do outside!


We hope you enjoyed these fun nature rooms this week! Check in next week for another fun blog!