How to Style your Kitchen Shelves

Needing some inspiration on how to style your kitchen shelves? Well you are in the right place! Take a look at our blog today and you will see a variety of different options on how to make your kitchen look the best.

This first option is for those who have some shelves that are all open. Try accessorizing like you would any other shelf in your home! Add items that would normally be in a kitchen to give it that feel such as bowls, plates, pitchers, etc., but also add in pictures frames and other accessories to give it a more stylized feel.


Just have upper cabinet openings? Trying something like this, get all the same color pieces and place one in each opening to give a simple yet appealing look!


Have glass front cabinets? Try using all clear glass pieces. It gives a luxurious feel and looks clean. It doesn’t look messy and makes your shelves always look nice! It’s an easy way to showcase those wine glasses and such that you may not use all of the time.


Here is another way to showcase items in a glass front cabinet. Using all white pieces and then adding in pops of color through different items. Like this image shows they use lemons and a yellow teapot to bring in color, you could do that with limes as well to bring in pops of green or if you have a few pieces of the same color you could use that too! You just find what works with your space and make it happen.


Here is another example similar to the above image, however they bring in pops of colors through plants. Using plants within the cabinets brings in a green color and makes your space look really neat and put together while still having style!


We hope this gave you some great ideas on how to style your kitchen cabinets! Feel free to contact us with what you want and we can help you do that!