Ice Cream Themed Spaces

Happy National Ice Cream Soda Day! In honor of this fun and delightful day we thought we would share some fun ice cream themed rooms and furniture pieces! Take a look below and see if you would be willing to create a space or use pieces like that!

To start us off we have this fun set of a bench and table that are melting ice cream! A unique and fun item to incorporate into your space whether a playroom, kitchen, novelty room, or maybe even an exterior space!


Already have an ice cream themed space, but wanna take it over the top? How about these ice cream pendant lights! They can add a fun look to the space and give your space that extra piece to finish it off! Would you put them in your home?


Moving onto rooms, this first one is fun and adorable for any kids room! The ice cream wallpaper that simple and not too much ties everything together. The pastel colors everywhere else give off the theme of ice cream but isn’t too over the top! This is a fun theme for a small child’s room or for a fun playroom! Maybe even make it into their own ice cream shop and they can play store!


This next one is really fun as well and could be used for an older child or younger! The adorable bedspread is an ice cream cone with melting ice cream on it and they topped it off with a fluffy cloud looking headboard! some fun sweet treat accent pillows to tie in the theme and fun ice cream colors throughout the rest of the space. The fun colored rug and lights that are simple yet chic create a fun and cohesive space for anyone wanting a unique room to call their own!


This last room is truly spectacular! Creating an ice cream shop inside the bedroom. With the fun stripped overhangs to look like the exterior of the building, a small cafe table and chairs to eat the ice cream at, the chalkboard list of all the flavors, and shelves to store them all! An incredible way to incorporate the theme but still giving is necessary items that a bedroom needs!


We hope you enjoyed this fun blog with some really unique spaces and furniture pieces! Make sure to tell us what you like! Do you want a themed room? Contact us and maybe we can help you out! Check back next week for another creative blog!