Hellooooo June!

Hello Everyone! Am I the only one who woke up this morning and couldn’t believe my eyes? It’s June already? I feel as if 2015 just started but it’s nearly half over! Oh my goodness! On the other hand, I am head over heels in love with the June weather. Gorgeous weather goes hand in hand with backyard parties. So, today we wanted to take the time to go over some easy tips and tricks to getting your outside area prepped and ready to go for summer. We not only recommend these tips in our client’s homes but are implementing them in our own homes! Once we get all of our landscaping done we will definitely be posting pictures of them. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and keep reading for more about prepping your exterior entertainment areas!

The first, and should be the most obvious, tip is your exterior maintenance. Make sure your lawn has been mowed recently and do NOT forget to bag your grass! Mowing and leaving your excess grass laying on the lawn is counterproductive to your actual lawn maintenance. Plus, you don’t want your guests tracking in strands of grass all over your home. Along with exterior maintenance, don’t forget to make sure your exterior paint is in great condition. We know how harsh the winters get here in Iowa and understand that paint needs touched up every once and awhile. That being said, touch up shutter, porch, and trim paint.

Landscaping is such a key aspect to prepping your exterior space. Planting some great new colorful flowers can easily liven up your yard. Consider freshening up your mulch as well for the added color and warmth. For those of you who would prefer some landscaping that is not as static, consider potted plants. Getting large colorful pots that compliment your color scheme add fun color and double as accessories. Think of the landscaping as your main accessories to an exterior area.

Finally, selecting your exterior furniture and fabric accessories will bring it all together. When selecting furniture, pillows, or fabric in general make sure you get good quality weather resistant fabric. We do live in Iowa so take into account the rain, snow, sun damage, and wind. Furniture is a big commitment since it is most likely the most expensive piece that you’ll buy for your space. Making sure your furniture can stand the weather and the test of time is one issue to overcome by itself; however, you have to make sure the furniture you’re purchasing will fit within the space. Planning out your furniture arrangement and taking precise measurements are key before going to look into purchasing furniture. However, many people often forget to measure beforehand and fall in love with a piece that can’t possibly fit in the space.

To avoid any problems throughout the process of creating your perfect outdoor space, definitely keep these tips in mind and be sure to consider hiring a designer to help you through the process with ease. Let us handle all the stressful parts of remodels or renovations so you can just relax and enjoy your new space.