Indoor/Outdoor Rugs featuring Feizy

Hello again everyone! To play off of our wonderful weather theme we decided to talk to you guys about some really great products from one of our vendors, Feizy. Feizy is a manufacturer of gorgeous rugs for both interior and exterior. Many companies offer these two options; however, Feizy stands out to us because, not only their exceedingly outstanding quality, of their rugs having the ability to be both interior and exterior. Many exterior rugs are tough and lack the certain appeal you want in an interior rug, which is why we appreciate Feizy’s wonderful rugs so much. Take a look down below at the examples of their indoor/outdoor rug lines used in both scenarios!


You can’t even tell the difference! And what’s even better? Your guests won’t either! So, if you want to switch up your interior and exterior rugs you can feel free to do so without harm. I would, however, give the exterior rug a good cleaning before bringing it inside. These rugs are so easy to clean that switching them in and out won’t be a hassle either. These rugs come in so many different colors and patterns that finding one to match your home won’t be difficult. However, for those of you who may need a little assistance with design and envisioning the end result, don’t hesitate to schedule something with us. And definitely remember to go over to and check out the rest of their amazing collection. If you find anything you love, set something up with us so we can get you some great pricing!

rugs together

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to talk with our designers, give us a call at 515-986-1895. Thanks for reading! We will see you next week!