Helpful clean up tips!

Over the holidays, Jodi had family come to her house, which includes little nephews! In the basement we house all of our home staging accessories, which includes many varieties of vases. There happened to be a basket with a sharpie sitting in it…you can probably assume from here what happened! One or more of her little nephews apparently felt like coloring and found the perfect canvas for their art ,the vases!

20160107_110639    20160107_110752     20160107_110652

As everyone gets back to the office after the holidays, we were getting ready for a staging and we noticed some marker on a vase, we look around and it’s everywhere! Everyone had a good laugh at it and then we needed figure out how to get the marker off!

20160107_111459   20160107_111113

Someone thought of nail polish remover so we searched the house for some, and luckily we found it! WE grabbed some paper towels, wiped the vases with the nail polish remover and the stains came out! We were all very glad that we got the marker off, and it was a great laugh and story to tell! So next time you get sharpie on something important, such as a vase, try nail polish remover!

20160107_110902   20160107_111103