Investment Pieces: What to get and how to style

To start off, you need to purchase your investment piece or pieces that will help to shape the rest of your space. You want to pick a piece that will be worth, so maybe take a look at where you spend the most time. If you spend a lot of time in your living room, you probably don’t want a new dining table, you would probably want a nice couch instead! Depending on what you get, you want it to be the piece that stands out and to have all of your other products complement your piece.

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Make your investment piece the focal point as stated above, pick a prime spot for this piece so it can really be showcased in the best way! You need to think about the color choice of this piece as well. Think about the space you want to put it in, will the stripped chair fit with what you already have? If not, maybe think about looking for a different fun piece that will go with your space better! Don’t limit yourself to something safe, be daring and have fun, but make sure it is the best piece for you!

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When accessorizing around this piece take care of it. You don’t want to clutter the new piece and put unappealing things on it, making it less attractive. Take time to pick out great accessories or pillows for the new piece and carefully place everything in order to showcase your piece in the best way possible! Be careful not to have too much going, as we all know, less is more!


So now you know some great things to think about and look for when you are wanting to invest in a new piece of furniture!