How To : Styling Open Shelves

The more storage the merrier! I tend to have a knack for having a bunch of “stuff.” But to me it’s not junk. They are items that either are functional, like my books, or inspirational, like my quotes. Together, all the items represent just a little bit of me! For example, the gold boxes appear purely visual, but they are great little storage boxes for all my crayons and markers! While the “cupcake saying” canvas is a great little piece to give me a giggle each morning.

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One common question from homeowners is how we know what is going to fit and look well on shelves. Whether it is a built-in, a bookshelf, or wall shelves there isn’t one set way of accessorizing. I could give you a bunch of random recommendations, but every space is different. For example:

  1. A set of three matching items are great to spread out on a shelf.
  2. Books are a great addition without looking like clutter.
  3. Pops of florals and greenery are an easy way to brighten up shelving.
  4. Smaller pieces of art fill up empty spaces.
  5. Baskets are a great way to hide the necessary day-to-day clutter.

These are great tidbits of advice, but they are not the only things that we look for. That is why we went to school for this; my shelves above focus more on the concept of layering and visual balance. Even though I work in an Interior Design showroom, it does not mean that I can afford every piece that we have. Instead, I worked with items I already had. As I mentioned in the beginning, they are pieces that mean something to me. This allowed me to keep costs down.


  • Black Floating Shelves – Amazon
  • Quote art – Gift
  • Letter “K” – Hobby Lobby
  • Gold boxes – Container Store
  • Quote Books – E. Lawrence Ltd.
  • Globe – Garage Sale
  • Picture Frame – Gift
  • Bucket List – Hobby Lobby
  • Cupcake Canvas – Gift
  • Daily verse – Choices A Christian Living Store
  • Table lamp – Hobby Lobby
  • Gold Geometric – Torre and Tagus
  • Mirror – Hobby Lobby
  • Books – Already Had
  • Mason Jar – Already Had