This Powder Room is a MOOD #EEDKrusesToTheExpo

An area of the home with SO SO much potential, but hardly tapped into – the powder room. The powder room of a home has the ability to make a statement in a big way. It’s so easy to pull one of the elements of your home that you adore and maximize its influence in a small room, like the powder room. For many people, that can be a wide variety of influences. For us, and for this home, the element we wanted to capitalize on was the dark tones of the home blended beautifully with gold accents.

The essence of this dark and moody powder room is this gorgeous wallpaper from D.L. Couch. The color of this paper is rightfully named, Deep Space. We love how the paper darkens the space but the gold inlay creates a wonderful sparkle that bounces throughout the room. The emphasis with this paper is less on pattern and more about the texture. Another great reason why we love incorporating wallpaper into our projects, the addition of texture adds so much dimension to a space.

Playing off of the gold inlay of the wallpaper are these amazing Delta Faucet fixtures. Simplistic, yet bold in color, these make the perfect addition. And these fixtures fall beautifully into the background to let the real star shine in this room, the sink. Apaiser was a company we sourced out from Australia. Their Bijoux Collection was the star of this home and posed as the inspiration throughout the process. We first took note of the Bijoux in its stunning soaking tub form (more to come of that later) and knew that we needed a statement sink for the powder room. The Bijoux was an easy choice! The angular diamond shape adds so much to something as simple as a sink and makes this unique piece a focal point.

The factor that rounds out the moody aesthetic of the powder room is, of course, the lighting. We opted out of overhead lighting and stuck to accent/task lighting as our only light sources. Ambient lighting is something that can be overlooked in very few rooms; however, the powder room is one of the few you can play around with. Powder rooms aren’t meant for much activity, the space has a singular purpose making it the perfect place to experiment with lighting. Other bathrooms in a home have a tendency to be used as make-up studios or dressing rooms but the powder room is a guest use, one purpose feature to the home. It seemed appropriate to add accent pendants on either side of a brightly lit mirror. This mirror serves as wonderful task lighting at the sink and a general ambient lighting for the rest of the space. The perfect amount of light for this small moody space.

The mood center to this home, no matter how small, was a well-thought out detail to the home that emphasizes some of the home’s best qualities. The juxtaposition of this moody small space to the bright airy nature of the home certainly make it a talking point and creates an unexpected balance to the home.