Designing For Anxiety

In a time where anxiety is more prevalent than ever, making sure our homes stay stress free is a major consideration when designing your space. Anxiety, like most things in life, takes work to manage and it can be made easier if your home is already equipped to be your safe space. We aren’t saying that dedicating a room to yoga is the right approach (more power to you), but there are smaller steps that you can take towards a more calming lifestyle.

Charging Stations

The use of charging stations are often considered a luxury or addition that doesn’t need to hold a permanent spot in someone’s home. However, we love using charging stations for more than their intended purpose. Traditionally, charging stations are kept near an entry point to the home for easy on-the-go use. We love using these areas to keep electronics out of sight as a small scale detox. Keeping an area designated as the home’s charging station will lessen the use of electronics and put mind’s at ease.

Minimalistic Approach To Crowded Areas

Keep high traffic surfaces clear. Places such as kitchen counters, coffee tables, nightstands, etc should be kept on the lighter side. These spaces tend to accumulate items throughout the day and will give an overwhelming sense of clutter if not kept minimalistic. Overall, the minimalistic approach throughout your home will help keep your mind clear; but, shifting focus to implementing this tactic to the high traffic surfaces will help reduce anxiety.

Sensory Experiences

In order to calm your mind, try engaging your senses in a calming way. Incorporating smells through the use of candles, diffusers, or even baking (if that calms you). Throw on your favorite music, soothing background tunes, or complete silence can help aid anxiety. Instead of designing with highly vibrant tones, focus more on pleasing textures. Shift the focus of your decor to accommodate to touch rather than sight.