In a Pickle with Paint? EED saves the day with our Perfect Paint Picks

Repainting your home but struggling with paint colors? Can’t quite decide on the perfect white, an unmatched neutral, or a show-stopping accent color? EED is here to save the day! We’ll give you a few of our favorite paint color selections, and if that still doesn’t quite fit the bill, or if you are unsure of our favs in your home, we’ll talk about our Paint Consultation Service. 

It goes without saying that our designers’ favorite gray is Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray (7029). We use this color frequently, and it never gets old! It’s the perfect mix of gray and beige and is exquisite in a home calling for warm tones. 

Our favorite paint color for modern homes looking for that stark, bright white with blue undertones is Sherwin Williams High Reflective White (7757). This is also great on the ceiling in homes of any style. 

If you are looking for a dark color for an accent wall or painted trim detail, consider the ever trendy Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black (6258). This true black will work with spaces of both cool and warm undertones. 

For a cool accent color, consider the perfect blue – Sherwin Williams Naval (6244). We love this deep hue that has both gray and green undertones. Looking for some life or biophilic aspects in your space? Consider our favorite green – Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog (9130). 

Looking for more pointed direction with your paint color selections? Hire us for our recently popular service – our Paint Consultation. We’ll visit your space, take photos, make paint selections, and create documents for you to be able to go out and purchase the paint. This service really accelerates a paint project by taking out the guessing game on your end – get a designers’ eye on the space and be confident that you are going with the right color! Contact us today and let’s discuss your upcoming paint project!

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