Dreaming of decorating your bathroom? Don’t know where to start? Let us help!

When it comes to the bathrooms within your home… don’t let them become forgotten or overlooked areas! In a designers’ eye, a bathroom is a great canvas to work with when it comes to design ideas and decor opportunities! If your bathroom is feeling a little bland, or you are wanting a fresh look, follow these quick and easy suggestions to turn that bathroom upside down!

1: Florals & Greenery

The first thing we always, always add to a bathroom – whether it’s for a client or a home staging – are faux florals or greenery. This is a great way to bring life, interest, and an overall feeling of serenity to your space. If you are looking for high-quality, designer florals, contact us today and we’ll help you select the perfect NDI piece. Otherwise, check out some of our favorite, budget-friendly florals here:

Target: Faux Tulip Arrangement in Clear Vase

Kohl’s: Faux Plant 

2: Soft Elements

The next tip is to add corresponding soft textured items – towels, rugs, and shower curtains. Adding soft goods into your space will not only keep things dry, but also make the space feel luxurious and warm. Target has great budget-friendly bathroom sets, or look to Brooklinen or Peacock Alley  for some more luxurious finds!

3: Wallpaper

If you are looking for a change to your bathroom that’s a little bigger than some florals and towels, consider adding wallpaper! Peel-and-Stick could be a great low commitment way to dress up your lavatories. Some of our favorite brands are Tempaper and Loomwell. If you need assistance selecting a print, figuring out how much to order, or need recommendations for an installer, contact EED!

4: Wall Art

A great, low commitment way to add some color and life to your bathroom is through the use of wall art! Such an easy way to fill up the walls above your toilet or towel bar. Some of our favorite finds are simply from Target and Homegoods, although we do have a vast list of designer art vendors and local artists we’d be happy to specify should you hire us!

We hope these helpful tips give you some good guidance on how to take your bathroom to the next level! Want some more bathroom information? Check out our past blogs like Desiring A Spa-Like Feeling in Your Bathroom? Here’s 3 Tips! And Revamp Your Bathroom For Less Than $100. Have a great week ahead and contact us today for assistance in achieving your vision. Until next time folks!