Revamp Your Bathroom For Less Than $100

Let’s talk about one of the rooms people tend to pass off because, honestly, it’s not the best room to hold a conversation about – bathrooms. We wanted to show you three simple things to transform your bathroom into a designer worthy space. By introducing these three small changes, you can drastically up the aesthetic value of your bathrooms!

Artwork with a punch.

More often than not, your bathroom is not a space that brings in color. Use the empty walls in your bathroom to your advantage. Pop color in artwork that can easily be switched out with changing seasons or trends. Our favorite places to use artwork are over the toilet and the large empty wall across from the mirror. Using the wall across from the mirror tricks your eye into seeing color on two different sides of the room. It’s a great way to bounce color around a bland bathroom!

Add life to an otherwise dead space.

Add flowers or a simple green plant to a bathroom to bring it to life. If you don’t exactly have a green thumb or, as we are now, are in the middle of winter when greenery is hard to come by – opt for faux plants. Yes, there are some REALLY bad faux plants out there on the market; however, if you happen upon a really great faux plant, you better act on it! Adding greenery to your bathroom adds much more than popping a standard vase or accessory on the countertops. Try it out and notice the difference!

Get plush.

Soften up your space with a few different pieces. If you have a shower/tub that calls for a shower curtain, that’s already a given. Get a shower curtain that pairs well with your design scheme without overpowering. Let the real color come from your artwork and have the shower curtain just support the theme. Soften up your floors with a plush white rug for your vanity space. Many people are turned off by the thought of a white rug. While it may not work well with all lifestyles, it’s nothing a little bleach and a good wash can’t rectify. Lastly, invest in some really great plush towel sets. A cohesive look between face, hand, and body towels can do wonders!

For less than $100 you can completely change the look of your bathroom. That’s a bargain in our book! Try it out and let us know down below in the comments what you’d like to read next!