A Sweet Simple Nursery

Our virtual design service has always been rooted in the concept of getting a beautifully designed space for a great price. This project has been a pillar of that concept! This client had baby number three on the way and wanted to repurposed the nursery but not go crazy on buying all new furniture. With a little elbow grease, their old crib and changing table were white washed to soften the feel while their dresser was given a punch of the yellow accent color. These pieces look absolutely stunning and they’ve been in the family for years. Now that’s bang for your buck!

The whole redesign for their newest addition was centered around one single piece. Their inspiration picture we provided featured this adorable bunny photo. With a little digging, we found the exact piece at a great price! The bunny theme was a great unisex theme to follow through the design. The combination of bright yellows and deep blues kept the nursery gender neutral and fell in line with the client’s aesthetic throughout their home.

This nursery came together for a fraction of the cost all due to using our virtual design service and taking a few DIY projects into their own hands. You would never know that this designer worthy space had such a small price tag!

Now, enjoy some other shots we got of this adorable space. I’m sure the family will treasure it for years to come!