High Point Market Highlights

Hello beautiful people and hello beautiful weather, finally! Jodi & Lexi recently returned from market in North Carolina and they like to think they brought the warm weather back with them. We won’t question whether or not that is true, we will just keep enjoying the warmth while we have it! If you’ve followed us for quite some time, you know that market is always a crazy time of year and always so inspirational for our designers. We wanted to share with you some of the highlights that Jodi & Lexi found this year at market.

Colored Live Edge Wood

A new trend that kept popping up throughout market was the use of colored live edge wood. The use of live edge wood has been incredibly popular this last year and is being used constantly in both high end and low end design. Something new that is being thrown into the mix is the use of colored live edge. It gives a more custom and modern feel to a product that has lately been used as more of an organic element. What do you guys think? We are anxious to see if this trend sticks!

New Vendors

One of the main reasons Jodi & Lexi went to market was to find some new vendors to incorporate into our designs and our new showroom. Man, they sure did find some keepers! Because who doesn’t love an oversized elegant lamp from time to time? Stay tuned to see more from World’s Away.


Everywhere. We are talking artwork, sculpture, furniture. Llamas were everywhere! We don’t know where this llama trend started but these little guys sure are cute! Loving the light-hearted vibe they give to a boho design.

Seeing Market Through Lexi’s Eyes

This was Lexi’s first market experience and Jodi loved seeing it through her eyes. Someone’s first market is always overwhelming, but Jodi loved seeing Lexi’s reaction to all the vendors and hearing her unique take on market. It’s nice to have someone else in the office who you can bounce ideas off of and hear different takes on pieces you may have seen before!

Pillow Heaven

Yes, we know we have an obsession but can you really blame us? Aren’t these pillows gorgeous?! And yes, they are all ours! We couldn’t stay away from Rizzy and Jodi & Lexi spent a little too much time playing around with various bedding/pillow combinations. When in doubt, buy two of everything!