How To : Get Through Your Remodel Challenges

Let’s face it, the perfect design remodel doesn’t exist. Even new construction projects are flawed. If life went exactly to plan all of the time, we would get bored! Remodel problems happen to us all; but, it’s how they are handled that separate the good from the bad. Here’s how we get through our projects and how we recommend you do the same :

Factor in 10%

Before starting ANY project we always, always, always create a bid sheet for our clients and at the very bottom we add 10% of the overall cost. We call this our “Oh Sh*t” fund. That 10% won’t be touched, unless there are unforeseen problems thrown into the mix (ie hidden pipes, plumbing problems, mold found). This fund goes towards anything that may come up when walls are opened or construction gets dicey. We highly recommend that everyone keeps this tip in mind when planning their own remodel. Nine times out of ten, this fund isn’t used but we love preparing our clients for every scenario.

Build a Good Team

If you’re planning your own remodel, you may not have an established relationship with subs to the extent that a firm like ours would. However, doing your research online or simply asking friends/family for recommendations will ensure a better result than a five second Google search. As long as you can trust who you invite into your home and admire the craftsmanship of your subs, they should be able to help you through any problem you run into. Good communication between client and subs is such an important factor in any project and you’d be surprised at the amount of problems you can AVOID by good communication. Not only good communication between yourself and the subs; but, also each sub communicating with each other.

Take a Deep Breath

Problems are going to arise, they may be small or they may be rather extensive. As long as you’re prepared for that fact, you can breathe through any scenario with a minimal amount of stress. When a problem presents itself, take a minute to yourself and separate emotion from reason. Calmer heads will always prevail (and a lot of the time they’ll prevail with more money than an irrational quick decision maker would).

I hope you got something out of this post that can help you with your current project or your future remodels. Always remember, if the remodel isn’t worth your headache, Elizabeth Erin Designs does offer project management and we will handle all of your headaches. ¬†Have a great rest of your day and happy remodeling!