Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Courts

Hellooooo March Madness! All of us here at Elizabeth Erin Designs love to get together with friends and family for any occasion, and sporting events just so happen to be one of the most entertaining. My definition sporting events consist of food, fun, and taking wagers against the opposing team’s fans. 😉 March Madness has really inspired us this year with basketball courts, both indoor and outdoor. Here are some of our favorites :



Most of us at EED we would rather see an Iowa State mural but we cannot deny that this is a wonderful space nonetheless. Incorporating the basketball court into the rest of the basement really opens up the two rooms and makes them more cohesive as a gaming space.






The first image is definitely more recreational and family friendly; however, this space is geared more towards a more serious athlete. Having a secluded quiet space to practice eliminates distractions and helps with noise control.



These two images are great examples of outdoor spaces that have more than one purpose. Not everyone has an enormous backyard, and having the ability to use the level patio area for more than just basketball is a fantastic use of space. Plus we know that kids grow up, fads change, and interests vary so having the ability to “hide” or even replace a basketball court eventually is a great thing to keep in mind.