Creating Soft Boundaries

In 2015, we are going to see more and more of natural elements being used to decorate our homes. This is fantastic! Using natural elements is a great way to incorporate more of the outdoors in our everyday lives, which is a rather sad concept to swallow. For most of us busy bodies, getting our daily dose of vitamin C comes from a pill rather than the sun. Our way to counter the interior blues is to blend the spaces together. Incorporating natural elements is a great start but we need to start looking into the next step, creating soft boundaries. This essentially means blending the interior of our home into the exterior by creating a more seamless integration. The following images are so strong and powerful because the border of interior versus exterior starts to fade. Where the interior begins and ends stars to blur. This is fantastic because it keeps us in tune to our natural surroundings and gives us the false sense of being outside. Allowing us to get our daily dose of vitamin C and keeping us in a positive mindset. The first picture is a more drastic use of this concept of soft boundaries but is definitely one of the more successful. It creates a seamless boundary by having large windows and using natural elements/colors. Also, by mimicking the shape of the tree with the structural and decorative support beams it creates an illusion that you are living in a tree house. The second picture creates literally a seamless blend of interior and exterior. The designer incorporated many natural materials and let them be the accent in this rather plain white space. The ceiling detail is one of the most interesting focal points in this space because it is difficult to tell if there is a skylight or if it is actually open to the exterior. Whichever it is, interior or exterior space, I’m sure we can all agree it was done beautifully.

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These next two images are definitely more cost effective and still give you bang for your buck. The first of the two pictures features a beautiful entry of a home. The stone that leads up to the front door continues throughout the foyer which is a major factor in keeping a seamless border. The large doors allow plenty of light into the home even when they’re closed. With such a small door frame, it makes it harder to tell that a door is even there at all! Lastly, the furniture used in the foyer reflects the exterior of the home by incorporating greenery and rustic features. All accessories that would indicate that this is an interior space, the two light fixtures, are thin and don’t draw attention to themselves. Overall, these few minor points really make a dramatic difference. As the front entry being the main focal point and area of use for your home, this is definitely a space you want to spend the time and money on!

The second picture does a wonderful job of creating a soft boundary by using light natural materials that reflect the natural light. The walls and floors are covered in a wonderful light stone which not only is beneficial to creating soft boundaries but to creating an aesthetically appealing clean look to this bathroom, which is ideal. The rustic wood that frames the wall behind the mirrors creates a great natural focal point and also soaks up some sound. Overall, we love this space for not only its materials but for the calming connection we feel to the outside world.

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