Birthday Month Challenge?

I don’t know about you, but I have been in a fabulous mood the past couple of weeks!  After such a long and challenging bitter cold winter, it is glorious to feel the suns warmth, hear birds chirping and see the grass is starting to green up, I feel hope filled!  At the end of March it is also my birthday.  Since I have been in this amazing state of mind I have decided to celebrate each day this month.  It is a great reminder that life is short so we should make each day count.

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During this month I have been baking for my neighbors, smiling more, spending more quality time with Hanna and Sydney, making calls that have been long over due, spending quality time with extended family, meeting friends out for coffee or lunch, planning date nights with my husband and volunteering more at church!  I am doing all of this in celebration of the life I have been given! 

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In this crazy life I don’t want to be the person that sits back and says what am I going to get.  I want to be the person that says, what can I give.  I challenge you during your birthday month, what will you do or give to celebrate your birthday month?  Do you accept the challenge?  Please share or post on Facebook how you choose to celebrate, we would love to see!

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