Last Summer Hurrah!

The last week before my daughters started back to school, we took the opportunity to visit my grandmother, aunt and uncle in Boonville, MO.  Some of you may not be familiar with the location Boonville.  It is located 30 minutes to the West of Columbia on I70.  It’s a small town with a lot of history and charm.

When we arrived, we helped prepare a family meal in a re-renovated  kitchen in their 1800’s house.  We enjoyed the evening catching up with my grandmother, aunt, uncle and a few of their children.  On Saturday we went out to lunch in the historical hotel Fredrick.  The food was amazing and I fell in love with the light fixture pictured below.


After lunch we did a little antique shopping downtown and found some items for back to school and some items for a staging we had on the following Tuesday.  It was a lot of fun.  After all the shopping Hanna decided she wanted to try her hand a learning how to drive.  So I took her out through the town of Boonville  on the side roads.  She did very well.


So we found, Boonville is not only a great place for visit family, go shopping, dining out, but it’s also a great location for learning how to drive, when you first get your permit!  Keep checking Facebook for more photos of our Boonville shopping finds!


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