Antiques Are Always In

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Did you all have a good Grandparents day yesterday? I hope you were able to spend some time with your grandparents or at least kept them in your thoughts on their special day! Writing this post made me think of all the great and unique pieces my grandma has around her and my grandpa’s home. She seems to have the best collection and the best eye for antiques of anyone I know. Have you ever noticed all of the great things your grandparents have accumulated over the years? Or maybe you own some antique heirlooms of your own! Coming across a great antique piece is a rare thing and it really makes you appreciate the beauty of antiques and the history behind them. In my opinion, antiques are always in and are a great way to bring in a personal touch into your space. Below you will find some amazing pieces from Repinned and some inspiration images of how to keep your antiques on display!

Adding personal elements into a space using old and new accessories!

Adding personal elements into a space using old and new accessories!

Whether it’s a special piece on top of a dresser, or if it’s the dresser itself! Antique pieces can be mixed with almost anything and can even help draw attention to the antique piece if it is in a room with a complete different style!

The chest is a beautiful focal point with many other styles going on around it!

The chest is a beautiful focal point with many other styles going on around it!

There’s also nothing more fun than updating an antique piece but check with others first to make sure it too much of a sentimental piece in your family.

Repinned chest

This was Repinned’s chest from the Home Show that shows what a fresh pop of color can do to a piece!

If you don’t want to hurt a family heirloom try looking for antiques from flea markets and antique stores that you can make your own story with!

Repinned desk

An old desk becomes new with Repinned’s magic which was featured in the Home Show this year!

I know there are many sources around Des Moines that are changing inventory all the time, it just takes some good luck or patience! Painting accessories or reupholstering an amazing piece of furniture is a great and easy way to update and still get great use out of antiques!

Repinned chair

Repinned shows another great example of what a little love can do for a chair and turn it into a new piece for someone else to love!

Even making your newly painted pieces look antique by adding a distressed finish is very popular right now.

Distressed Repinned

Another beautiful piece done by Repinned mixing an antique knob with a fresh coat of paint and a distressed finish.

“Old” is the new “new” and I hope everyone can still appreciate the beauty to be found in antiques! It seems they will never go out of style and will maintain a classic look for years to come. Let us know if you have an old piece that need saved or needs a new look and we would be happy to help you keep the antiques alive!