Lively Living Room

Hello everyone! I think after last weekend’s, we all are definitely ready for some spring-like weather! I’m all about some snow, but once it get’s dumped all over like a dump truck out of control, I’m out – send me to Arizona or Texas, somewhere where I can stay warm! In efforts to bring some “spring” to your life today, I wanted to go into a recent staging we did last week that we’ve been planning for months. It’s got warm tones mixed with bright, vibrant greens, grasses and succulents, and a beautiful modern vibe.

Over in the Mill Ridge development of West Des Moines, this beautiful home sits brand-new with our best products and staging magic. Tall ceilings, an abundance of natural light, and gorgeous herringbone flooring throughout, this home is a MUST SEE if you’re in the housing market. One space in this home that really stands out to us is the great room on the main level.

The great room has a gorgeous, painted coffered ceiling with an ultra-modern chandelier. The main focal point is the fireplace wall with the stunning tile that goes up to the ceiling, and the custom inset shelves with spot lights in them. With it being such a show-stopper, we wanted to make sure each shelf was just as breathtaking. The octagonal vases are from Torre & Tagus. The tall, multi-colored vases and the stout gold and purple vases are from our vendor, Mercana. Sammi arranged succulents found at Hobby Lobby into each of the stout vases that sit on top of black and white books found at Dollar Tree.


If you’re new here, you might not know about our pillow obsession – it’s quite real my friends! Our warehouse has a whole row of shelving dedicated to the love of our pillows. How does one gain access to so many pillows? Well, Home Goods has the broadest array of pillows when we need quick color options, like the emerald green fur pillows on the sofa. We also get our pillows from Rizzy Home where the pillows and throw blankets are the most beautiful pillows and throws you ever did lay your eyes on!

The vendor that really steals the show in this great room, though, is Caracole. The sofa, accent chairs, side tables, and coffee table are all from Caracole. The heather gray and wood tones of the accent chairs really bring a modern-like edge to the space. And who ever said your sofa has to match your accent chairs? No one has ever said that, so stop matching everything 😉 When everything looks the same, there’s nearly zero visual interest in your space. That’s why we like to mix it up and have different fabrics literally EVERYWHERE. And that wood-front console table (specially made by Hickory Ridge Customs) with black accent paired up with the side tables? SWOON. Give me ALL the natural wood elements mixed with black!

On the coffee table we wanted to do something we’ve never really arranged before – a more visually interesting tray paired with bigger accents to the side. Whenever you have a tray on a coffee table, you can never ever go wrong with books and candles and something green – in this case a potted succulent from Hobby Lobby. To bring some height into the equation, the tribal vase from Mercana with grass sprouts and the gold octagonal orb, also from Mercana, bring it all together for a cohesive coffee table top design.


Overall, this great room really captured our hearts. When you plan all the decor and staging pieces out in the office and then make the design of those plans happen in real life during a staging, it’s truly awesome!

Like the style of this great room? Let us know in the comments! Want to see more of this home? Stay tuned for another upcoming blog discussing another room in this gorgeous home!