Living Room Ideas: Before and After

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! Today we are going to look at some before and after pictures of living rooms that we found and will talk about the great ideas they had and how to do all kinds of changes to your living space!

Lets take a look at this first living room, the before and afters are incredible! It looks like they changed paint color, got new furniture, added accessories, and new lighting. What a transformation! This is a larger remodel, they changed almost everything in the room besides it’s physical structure. If you are wanting a complete change, this is a fun direction to go it, because it completely gives you a new look. I love the pop of color they brought in through the bold couch

ba 1

ba 1.1

Moving on to the next living room, this is a similar remodel to the previous room. It looks like they added new accessories, new light fixtures, furniture, and they painted. Another great transformation, from dark to light! They created a very nice quite and relaxing space with all neutral colors, and small pops of calming blue tones!

ba 4

ba 4.1

This transformation is absolutely amazing! They went into the ceiling to open the space up and created a comfy crawl space and to create a more open living area. They did exposed rafters to give it a rustic feel with also taking down the wood walls and painting them, getting new furniture, and adding some great storage spaces! This is one of my favorite transformations of the bunch that we found, it still gives the feel of the before with the rustic, but in a new updated way! I love the exposure to the outdoors with the large windows and the openness with the heightened ceiling!

ba 6

ba 6.1

Here is a simpler remodel of a living room, this is a great reference if you are just looking to freshen up your space! They kept all of their same furniture and shelving units and just added new accessories and changed the paint color! It really brightened up the space and gave it a whole new look with just a few minor changes!

ba 7

ba 7.1


This is the final before and after living room we picked out! Definitely a big change, but it looks great and gave a whole new look for this living room. They painted the walls and added wainscoting, new window treatments, furniture, and accessories. They created a completely new look that really works well together. With the pastel colors it gives a calm coastal feel that creates a nice relaxing living space for the home owners. What a fun big change they did to their living room!

ba 8

ba 8.1

These were some really big changes to living rooms and we loved them! They all had very different ideas, but you can take away from anyone of them. Whether you want to do a big change or something small this blog can help you with it all! Even if the style isn’t what you like, you can see what other people did to make a big impact and apply those to your own space!

Things to take away:

-change your paint color

-add new accessories

-get new window treatments

-get new furniture

-add pops of color to give it some dimension

We hope you enjoyed the blog this week and be sure to check back next week for another fun and interesting blog!